Frannies Luxury Shop

We sell original designer’s perfumes, some are unboxed, boxed and testers.


Unboxed perfumes are 100% original fragrances, they are very affordable and quite less in prices from the market value. We get them at auction prices that’s the reason for the price reduction.

The reasons most come unboxed and with imperfections:

  • Bad dispenser which has been fixed.
  • Damaged bottles while shipping which were removed.
  • Used and returned because owner isn’t satisfied .
  • Shelf life/Long overdue in store.
  • Missing UPC codes or any tracking number from the box during suppl.
  • Scratched bottles.

Reasons why prices are deducted?

We buy them for less and make you save more by purchasing at an affordable rate.

Unboxed perfumes are authentic and are efficient as the boxed version , however because they are unboxed and bottles are exposed , they age which might cause a mild different or no difference at all in scent or sillage.


Q: Are our perfumes original or copy?

A: They are 100% original, money guaranteed.

Q: Are they Dubai perfumes?

A: No they are not.

Q: Are they tester perfume

A: Some are but the testers are indicated


We deliver nationwide at a fee determined by the delivery company. We are registered with GIG logistics.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted and sort after perfume store online and offline with the most unimaginable discounted prices from the best and carefully selected authentic perfume company.

Our unboxed perfumes are with minor or no damages at all, We stock the big brands , niche and mid-ends fragrances.

You want to smell like a million bucks but yet at an affordable price? Try franniesluxuryshop

Genuine Promise

Franniesluxuryshop we are passionate about what we do, integrity and honesty is our core value. Products are 100% genuine and authentic skin products and we do not take it for granted.

We source from the most trusted suppliers and distributor and we stand behind every product we sell.